Visit to Urban Hijau, Kuala Lumpur (27 December 2022)

On 27 December 2022, TCHS's President Catherine Loke and Vice-President Kuan Chee Yung visited Urban Hijau, a 0.6 acre permaculture farm located amidst housing lots at Taman Pinggir Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.  Urban Hijau's approach is very much aligned to TCHS's Vision and Mission to look at sustainability holistically and bring about an ecologically responsible way of life.

Many thanks to Mohamed Irfan, Saqib Sheikh and Muneeb Bin Yousuf for allowing us to visit on a working day, and Chong Lee-Yuan for showing us around.  Their motto "A thousand one acre farms rather than one thousand acre farm" fully resonates with us.  We learnt a lot and hope to collaborate in the near future to bring more permaculture farming knowledge and research on farming in the equatorial climate to Singapore.

Urban Hijau is open to the public on Sunday mornings.  Find out more about Urban Hijau here

See photos of the event here

Written by
 Ar. Catherine Loke

on behalf of the
Resilience Working Group