Woodworking Workshops for Children (Nov & Dec 2022)


As part of our endeavour to bring about holistic thinking and craftsmanship skills, TCHS collaborated with Mindful Space, supporting the woodworking workshops conducted in November and December 2022 as part of the Mindful Science Camp.

The children, aged 5 to 14, were introduced to wood and where it comes from, and learnt different connection methods using adhesive, nailing, drilling and screwing, to make their own caddies. They also learnt how to work safely with tools and to take responsibility for the results of their own effort. We were very impressed by their energy, and the meticulousness of those who spent quite a bit of time sanding their caddies to achieve a super smooth finish.

Many thanks to Vernessa Chuah of Mindful Space for organising the sessions, and Royston Phang of Saltt Workshop for providing the materials and facilitating the sessions with much humour and enthusiasm.

See photos of the event here.

Written by Catherine Loke

on behalf of the
Ecological Design and Construction Working Group