Urban Farm Experience (25 June 2023)

On the morning of 25 June 2023, the M.a.D. Garden @Winstedt was once again abuzz with 60+ visitors of all ages, who came for our Urban Farm Experience.

Mohammed Nazzer HamzahAbdul Razak M SallehKim Lee and Yen-ling Lee introduced our visitors to the 40+ species of plants and how an ecosystem has evolved over four years, where there are many creatures with whom we share this garden and who help us keep the plants healthy.

"This permaculture garden teaches us to respect and appreciate our non-human collaborators like the birds, lizards, butterflies, worms, millipedes, etc."

The highlight of the tour was the farm-to-table experience under the shade of our luffa vine, where Teo Wen Ping helped visitors to papaya, pasta with passion fruit leaf pesto made by TCHS President Catherine Loke, washed down with globe amaranth tea, butterfly pea tea and Abdul Razak M Salleh's homemade kombucha. After eating, visitors were shown how to clean up at our washing stations, using tissues to wipe the bowls and forks, then washing with baking soda and citric acid, then rinsing twice. Tissues and banana leaves were returned to Nature in the compost pile.

"The Urban Farm Experience is really a microcosm of our socio-economic system -  food is the foundation of our economy, eating is a social activity that brings us together, and working together lightens the load for everyone - everyone pitched in, and visitors were also shown how to help clean up."

Even with 60+ visitors, we generated zero garbage, and completed the nutrient and energy cycle through composting. And best of all, we all had a good time without electricity!

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[M.A.D. stands for Make a Difference]


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Written by Ar. Catherine Loke

on behalf of the
Resilience Working Group