By submitting this form:

  1. I declare that on the date of submitting this form, I am 21 years of age or older.
  2. I confirm that my Referrer is aware of my application and agrees to being contacted by representatives of the Committee for references.
  3. I acknowledge that my membership is subject to the Committee’s discretionary approval and thereafter shall only become active upon the Society’s receipt of my payment of the prevailing Entrance Fee and Yearly Subscription Fee (pro-rated per part year where applicable).
  4. I undertake that following my membership being approved, I will abide by the Society’s Constitution, and any by-laws and rules made thereunder, as well as any code of conduct/ethics and formal policies and procedures.
  5. I understand and accept that my membership may be terminated in accordance with the terms of the Constitution.
  6. I agree to receive communications from or relating to TCHS.
  7. I agree that TCHS may share my name, email address and the above particulars, and any other information and material that I provide, with other TCHS members, affiliates, vendors, and third parties as reasonably necessary for TCHS to provide services to me as a TCHS member.
  8. I permit the Society to display, transmit and otherwise use my name, the name of my business or organisation, my email address and my image (such as in photographs) in the Society’s website (including any directory of members), email notices, newsletters, etc.
  9. I consent to TCHS’s collection, use, processing and disclosure of my personal data in accordance with the Society’s policies (or as may be reasonable) and these terms and conditions, and I agree that TCHS may collect, use and disclose the information (including any personal data) provided under these terms and conditions to:
    1. assess and process this application for membership;
    2. administer my membership;
    3. provide benefits, support, services and information (including marketing information) offered under the membership and/or requested by a member;
    4. conduct and publish research studies;
    5. manage and facilitate the business and administrative operations of the Society and complying with internal policies and procedures; and/or
    6. comply with applicable rules, laws and regulations, codes of practice or guidelines or to assist in law enforcement and investigations by relevant authorities.
  10. I acknowledge that if I reside outside of Singapore, I will not be eligible to be in the Committee.
  11. I undertake to refrain from using the logo or name of, or references to, TCHS for my commercial gain or in a manner contrary to TCHS’s interests.
  12. I declare that all statements contained in this application and any accompanying documents are true and correct, and that any misrepresentation or false statement may be grounds for rejecting my application or, if discovered after my application has been accepted, subject me to immediate termination of my membership without any reimbursement, at TCHS’s discretion.
  13. I will immediately inform the Society of any material changes to the information given in this form.

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